2.3. Running install.pl

The install.pl script located in the bin directory must be run before Codestriker can be used, or after each upgrade. There is no harm in running it as many times as you like. The purpose of the script is to ensure all of the necessary pieces on your system are installed, and tells you how to install anything that is missing. The other purpose of the script is to create the Codestriker database, and perform any necessary data migrations.

Perl is available by default for all UNIX systems. For Windows, you can download it for free from http://www.activestate.com/Products/Download/Download.plex?id=ActivePerl. Only use Perl 5.6.X, as Perl 5.8.X for Win32 has issues that prevent Codestriker from working correctly.

To run install.pl under UNIX, do the following:

% cd /codestriker/install/location/bin
% ./install.pl
For Windows, you need to do something like the following from the command prompt:
% cd c:\codestriker\install\location\bin
% install.pl

This will tell you what missing Perl modules you have, and how to install them. It will then attempt to try and initialise the Codestriker database. Make sure your Codestriker database has been created and the database system is running, before running this script.