Chapter 3. User's Guide

Table of Contents
3.1. Introduction
3.2. Topic List Screen
3.3. Creating a new Project
3.4. Creating a new Topic
3.5. Reviewing Topics
3.6. Viewing Comments
3.7. Topic Properties
3.8. Topic Information
3.9. Topic Search
3.10. Metrics Report

3.1. Introduction

The goal of this chapter is to present how to create/manage Codestriker projects, how to create code review topics, and then how to review these topics. Assuming Codestriker has been configured and is running, you can get started by going to the following URL: http://yourhost.yourdomain/codestriker/ This should take you to the topic list screen, which is talked about in the following section. From a fresh install, there will obviously be no code review topics in the list. However there is a link on this page to "Administer Projects", which will allow you to create some new projects to match your development process. Once you have defined all of your initial projects, you can create a new code review topic by clicking on "Create new topic". These screens are covered in the following sections.