3.3. Creating a new Project

When a new code review topic is created, it is necessary to specify what project the review is related to. Projects can be used as a filtering mechanism when displaying lists of topics (see Section 3.9). This can be a great benefit, in the situation where a single Codestriker deployment is serving a large number of developer groups. Typically, a member of a developer group only wants to see the list of open code review topics in their project.

An example project list screen can be seen in Figure 3-2.

Figure 3-2. Project List Screenshot

This figure shows an example Codestriker deployment, which shows the list of projects defined, where each row contains the project's name and description. To edit a project's name and/or description, click on the project's name. This will take you to a screen for modifying the project's attributes.

At the bottom of the "project list" page, is a link to "Create new project". This will take you a screen, as shown in Figure 3-3.

Figure 3-3. Create Project Screenshot

To create the project, simple fill in the details for the project's name and description, and press the "Submit" button. This will then display an updated project list.